Milk - 1/2 Gallon, Twin Brook Dairy, Local Western, PA bottler

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Twin Brook Dairy farmers are cow people, plain and simple.  For three generations, they have raised special Guernsey and Jersey cows (the brown cows) on the family farm in Bentleyville, PA to produce the best-tasting milk you ever did "dunk a cookie in."

How do they do that?  By giving each cow up to 8.5 acres to roam as they please, grazing on the best possible pasture, with their best cow pals, living their best cow lives.

In turn, the cows produce exceptionally delicious, nutrient-rich milk for you and your family. Guernsey and Jersey milk is naturally higher in butterfat, omega-3, and beta carotene, making it golden, creamy, sweet and nutritious. And, minimal processing means more flavor and never any additives. Of course, local means it's always fresh. Taste the difference today! And enjoy that cream off the top in your coffee tomorrow morning!

This is milk the way it should be, plain and simple, produced by your Western, PA neighbors.

Woman-owned. Cow powered.

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1/2 gallons pasteurized, fresh for you every week! Please order to guarantee availability.


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