How to Cook Corn


Here's how to cook corn . . . 


To Boil:

Place husked corn into large kettle or rapidly boiling water (enough to cover the ears. Cover and bring water back to boiling then cook 2 minutes. Serve immediately. 


To Grill:

Pull back husk enough to remove silk and wash. Rewrap husk around corn. Soak in water for 15-30 minutes. Drain. Roast on grill over hot fire for 15-20 minutes, turn frequently. To roast in foil: Spread ears with butter and wrap in foil. Place over hot fire for 10-15 minutes on each side. 


To Microwave:

Husk, wash and trim 4 ears of corn. Place in 12x7" glass baking dish. Do not add water. Cover dish with plastic wrap and microwave on high 6-9 minutes (2 ears 3-5 minutes, 6 ears 8-10 minutes). 


To Microwave in Husk:

Pull husk back enough to remove silk and wash. Rewrap husk around corn and place directly into microwave. Follow above time for number of ears. After microwaving, remove husk and enjoy!




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