Canning Peaches

Canning Peaches

  1. Select firm ripe peaches and only use enough for 1 canner load at a time.  Put canner on to heat.
  2. Prepare sugar syrup.  Use Extra Light Syrup of Light Syrup recipe for peaches.
Extra Light – 1 cup sugar to 1 quart water    Yield:  4 ½ cups syrup
Light – 2 cups sugar to 1 quart water       Yield:  5 cups syrup

Put ascorbic acid (Fruit Fresh) in the syrup to prevent browning of peaches

  1. To loosen skins, put peaches in wire basket and dip in boiling water ½ to 1 minute.  Then dip in ice water.  Skins will slip off easily.
  2. Cut peaches into halves and remove pit.  Place in Fruit Fresh solution according to directions on container.
  3. Pack peach halves cavity side down – layered and overlapping in jar.  Leave ½ inch headspace.
  4. Cover peaches with boiling hot syrup leaving the headspace.  It takes about 1-1/2 cups syrup per jar.
  5. Run non-metallic kitchen utensil gently between peaches and jar to release air bubbles.  Add more syrup if needed.
  6. Cover with hot lid and screw band down evenly and tightly.
  7. As each jar is filled, stand it in rack in of water bath canner.  Water in canner should be hot but not boiling.  When all jars are placed in canner, water should cover the jars, Put lid on canner.
  8. Bring canner water to a gentle but steady boil.  Process pints 25 minutes; quarts 30 minutes.
  9. After processing, remove jars and stand several inches apart and out of drafts to cool. 
  10. Test for seal. All jars should be sealed before sealing. 


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